We're enabling the entrance of billions of dollars to the Tezos ecosystem by eager investors — starting with the launch of an open-source protocol for a Tezos DEX (decentralized exchange), an open 'make-your-own DEX' platform and support community, an instrument to provide liquidity called USDtez (Symbol: USDTZ), and a Tezos-based utility coin called tzX (Symbol: TZX), which supports the tzX protocol.

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NEW: TezdeX and USDtez Partnership

USDtez (Symbol: USDtz or, USDTZ) will be the first coin to launch on TezdeX exchange, along with tzX (Symbol: TZX) the tzX protocol utility coin. 

USDtez is a Tezos stablecoin project, using Tezos native formal verification to maintain 1-to-1 parity with the US Dollar. USDtez will provide increasing liquidity for Tezos exchanges. 

If you're looking for more information about USDtez and about the Tezos stablecoin, please visit the USDtez website at usdtz.com

Launch USDtez Site

tzX Protocol  what enables the DEX

Tezos has inherant advantages great advantage in supporting a system of decentralized exchanges—that is, the decentralization of the Tezos network itself. 

Each existing baking node acts as a relayer for an exchange layer powered by smart-contracts. Assets are held by the user in their own non-custodial Tezos wallet, which serves as a login authenticator to the exchange. 

The tzX protocol enables atomic Tezos token swaps at cost and speed efficient network fees.  

Features of the Protocol


Trading on tzX is non-custodial so you can make swaps from the comfort of your favorite Tezos wallet. No need to worry about exchange hacks or account tampering. What's yours is yours.

Formal Verification

Swap tokens with true accuracy. Trades are calculated and filled to mathematical precision computed by utilizing Tezos' own native formal verification properties. No surprises and no lost funds.


The tzX network is so efficient that local access point validation is not-necessary, rendering localized liquidity pools unnecessary – giving users the benefit of liquidating under a massive liquidity pool.

Tezdex  the exchange

The tzX protocol will always be open source for everyone. (Yes, you will be able to build your own Tezos DEX over tzX protocol.) Through late 2019/early 2020, the first Tezos token standards will be publicly released, leading to a vast, highly-anticipated marketplace of fungible and non-fungible tokens for hungry cryptotraders.

If you'd like to launch your own Tezos DEX (like a 0x relayer) as a new business or as an integration to your existing exchange, the tzX project will be supporting an open-source maker application platform and community supportforums at tzX.exchange

The first Tezos DEX to use the will be launched: TezdeX (tezdex.com), which will serve as a observable model for other exchanges using tzX protocol, a vehicle for the sales of tzX supported token launches, as well as a source of revenue to support tzX project.

Tezdex.com exchange launching Q4 2019

Tokens on the exchange will be tradeable for one another as well as for for Tezos (XTZ) itself, and USDtez (USDTZ) stablecoin — which will enable scalable liquidity, as well as tzX coin (TZX). 

Users will safely trade and swap tokens from the safety of their existing wallets, using the exchange as an efficient marketplace and well-designed interface for trading. 

TezdeX confirmed token-listings

(Symbol: USDTZ)
USD-pegged Tezos stablecoin
tzX Coin 
(Symbol: TZX)
tzX protocol utility

Tezdex Listings / Airdrops / IEOs

Are you planning a Tezos token release? Get in touch with us ahead of time regarding any of the following:
• tzX listing your token
• tzX facilitating an airdrop for your token 
• tzX partnership regarding an Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) of your token

Supporters & Partners

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